Life Between Lives (LBL)

A Life Between Lives session is a profound experience that connects a person with their higher self or “soul mind.” It is a life changing journey to the spirit world where we are all from, the place that we return to in-between incarnations.

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for spiritual regression is a specific hypnotherapy technique pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton that helps the conscious mind to disengage and allows the person to achieve a highly-expanded state of consciousness where they are able to reawaken to their immortal identity, experiencing themselves as pure energy beings and remember hidden soul memories.


A Life Between Lives session can provide many different opportunities:

  • Connect with your higher self and eternal nature
  • Understand soul patterns that are repeating over different lifetimes
  • Meet your soul group and primary soul mates
  • Recognize your soul connection with people in your current life
  • Directly connect with your personal guide and high spiritual beings, opening the channel and making it easier to access them on your own
  • Experience energetic clearing and downloads
  • Reconnect with the energy of loved ones who have passed over
  • Discover whether you are on track with your life plan and greater purpose
  • Help you make sense of your place on this challenging planet, providing a renewed sense of purpose and peace
  • Gain answers to your unique and specific questions

The Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression  was developed by Dr. Michael Newton, Journey of Souls and is based on his research that spanned more than 25 years with over 7000 of his clients. Michael Newton is well known for his books, The Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. Before retiring, Michael Newton founded The Michael Newton Institute to train and certify professional hypnotherapists in his extraordinary techniques. Elisa Shine was trained and is endorsed by The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Regression and is a Certified Life Between Lives Facilitator. She considers Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression to be her calling in life and is honored to facilitate these transformative sessions for others.



What to expect in a session:

An LBL (Life Between Lives and also known as Life Between Life) is a specific hypnotherapy technique that begins with a relaxing hypnotic induction to help the conscious mind to disengage and achieve a very high, expanded state of consciousness. You do not lose consciousness, in fact the opposite happens, you expand your consciousness and have access to so much more than in your normal everyday state of mind. Then after relaxing the body and mind, you are guided in a regression, going back to some peaceful and happy childhood moments. From that time in childhood, we continue back further to that unique time in the womb. In the womb, we can explore your intention for coming, and what you want to learn or work on in this life. From the womb, we go back to the most recent past life or a past life that is more significant. There we review some of the important events of that life before crossing over into the spirit realm, the place that your soul returns to between lifetimes. The past life is a springboard to the spirit world where you can deeply connect with the soul mind, accessing hidden spiritual memories.

Once there you can meet one or more souls that will guide you and support you. They will work along with me to guide you through different places in the spirit world. There are opportunities to connect with your beloved soulmates, soul group and consult advanced spiritual masters. You may remember what your role is in the spirit world, learning about what you are working on in your development as a soul. You might explore the details of your own soul history and visit your Akashic records. Some receive healing energy from personal guides and loved ones in the spirit world to rejuvenate and restore balance on the emotional, physical and energetic levels. You can also gain insight around your path and purpose in this lifetime. These possibilities and many more are available to you in the spirit world. Your journey will be unique to your needs and circumstances at this time in your life. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to your guide, council and other soul companions throughout your journey. You will be able to relax and enjoy the process. There’s no need to try and remember the details because you will receive a recording and a written transcript of your entire session to take home and listen to afterwards.

How long is a Life Between Lives session?

A Life Between Lives session is approximately 4 hours long. Although this may seem like a long time, clients often report after their session that it felt like a short time, more like 1.5 hours. This is due to the shift in perception while in a superconscious expanded state.

How to prepare?

For new clients you will need to have two initial sessions with me before having a Life Between Lives Regression.
The 1st session will help to get you get accustomed to hypnosis and connect you with empowering resources that will give you the confidence to proceed into a more advanced session.
In the 2nd session you will explore a past life in preparation for a Life Between Lives session. This is an important step in having a successful LBL session. Hypnosis and the ability to access the superconscious state that is necessary in a Life Between Lives session can take practice for some people. Having a successful Past Life Regression allows you to understand what it feels like so that you can go deeper in the Life Between Lives spiritual regression, connect with your soul memories and have an extraordinary experience.


Online or in-person session?

I offer Life Between Lives sessions both in-person in British Columbia Canada and online via Zoom. I facilitate Life Between Lives Sessions for many people online throughout the world using Zoom with beautiful and profound results. The process is just as powerful and healing over Zoom and for some people it is preferable to do the session by Zoom. As long as you have a quiet space where you can recline and you have earbuds or a headset, you can experience the session in the comfort of your own home. Please feel welcome to contact me if you'd like more information about having a wonderful Life Between Lives session online. 



Are you ready to open the door
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Kind words from some of my lovely clients

Elisa is Wonderful! As a Naturopathic Physician, I have had the opportunity to experience many different healers and forms of healing work. Elisa’s hypnotherapy, past life regression and LBL work is of the highest caliber. She is utterly committed to her work, deeply trustworthy and creates beautiful safe and sacred space for her clients. Because she understands the many different dimensions that arise for people in the past life and LBL terrain, she has been able to gently and confidently guide me, in such a way that I am able to access my own deep subconscious; seeing through my own inner eyes where my spirit is available for healing in ways I could not have otherwise known or seen with my regular conscious mind. It is very empowering to “see” and directly contact such important information about the soul’s journey and then watch how this has directly changed and supported my own life and healing path to unfold. I would recommend her work to anyone on a healing path, who is looking for deeper connection to themselves and their life’s purpose!

Jessie Ann Speirs ND, British Columbia, Canada

I had the incredible opportunity to experience a Life Between Lives session with Elisa. It was such a profound experience! ...truly life changing, for a variety of reasons! First was the opportunity to meet my spiritual guides, to feel their energy and love and to ask them questions that are important to my life today. Next was the connection I experienced with my sweet grandma who passed away almost 20 years ago. It was so amazing to reconnect with her in the spirit world, to feel her love, to hear her reassuring words and to see her soul essence and energy. Absolutely beautiful! Third was the opportunity to meet with my council. The insights I was given through this process were incredibly helpful. I felt so many validations and comforting moments throughout the entire LBL session. Words simply cannot describe how profound of an experience this was. I feel so much more at peace with the direction my life is heading. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Elisa for your beautiful role in this experience!! It's because of your genuine caring heart and amazing abilities that I was able to receive so much out of my session. You are incredibly talented! Thank you!

Kelly Johnson, Nevada Iowa, U.S.A