What is a Past life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a unique form of hypnosis that takes an individual through the timeline of their soul’s history to visit previous lives in different bodies. In a past life regression a person can access these memories and experiences that are normally hidden in the subconscious and superconscious mind.

Many people choose to have a Past Life Regression to:

  • Reconnect reconnect with past life experiences and understand how past incarnations have influenced who they are today.
  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain cultures and places.
  • Identify the reason for physical issues you have. Past life problems can manifest in physical form in the current life and be resistant to medical treatments and healing modalities. This is usually because the root of the illness is a remnant or imprint of past life experiences.
  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating blocks, fears or beliefs which you have been unable to make sense of. Fear is a low vibration that keeps us from being at peace in the present. Many times a fear can seem unfounded and this can be due to a past life trauma. Often exploring the fear is enough to free your soul and allow you to move forward and do what you came to do in this lifetime.
  • Explore a past life to understand a current relationship.
  • Visit a past life for the purpose of bringing back talents, values, feelings and gifts you possessed in other lives.

Elisa is passionate about assisting others to connect with their beautiful soul allowing them to remember who they really are and why they are here at this time.



What are the benefits of a Past Life Regression
and how does the healing work?

We all carry memories from past lives into this life. These memories live in our superconscious mind and can carry an energetic charge and continue to affect us in our current life. I like to call them imprints. A part of the spirit, or soul is still connected to that lifetime and this connection to that experience can create patterns in the current life.

These imprints can be positive or negative and can manifest in a variety of ways without understanding their true origin. When they are positive they can be experienced in the form of enhanced skills and abilities in a certain area or profession. They can be carried forward and support the person with a feeling of confidence toward their interests and unfolding current life path.

When the imprint is negative, for example in the case of a traumatic event or unresolved relationship the emotional residue of this past life can affect behaviors, relationships or health in the current life. Simply put, an unresolved issue from a past life will keep showing up in the present in different forms. Once a person experiences and observes the event from a new perspective in a Past Life Regression they can see the repeating pattern in their current life and with therapeutic techniques in the session they can often release the negative imprint that was causing disharmony in their current life. Lifting off an emotional layer can result in a shift on the physical level. When a person is free from this energy it creates a butterfly affect, affecting the behavior, health and decisions moving forward. Journeying into past lives can allow you to experience the bigger picture of who you are. Understanding the patterns and feelings that have been a part of your current life.

A Past Life Regression can be conducted either in person or  over Zoom. The process is just as powerful and profound by Zoom as it is in person and for some people it's preferable to do the session by Zoom in the comfort of their own home. Those who experience a past life regression, experience insights, new levels of peace and feel lighter as they move forward in their life.

Reaching our soul is the first step on the ladder of finding our higher power. ~ Michael Newton

  • 1st Step1st Step: Connecting

    When you book your session, you will receive an intake form with some questions that will help me to support you on your journey. I’ll also provide you with some helpful information so you can prepare for your session.
  • 2nd Step:2nd Step: The 1st Session

    The session is 1.5 hours. We’ll have a pre-hypnosis chat, go over your intake form and discuss what you would like from the session. I can also answer any questions you may have. Next, you make yourself comfortable in a reclining position and I’ll lead you in a guided relaxation meditation. Assisting you to move into the deeper realms where the brain waves slow down into the Theta range. Through hypnosis you’ll experience an age regression to a variety of points in your current life. You’ll connect with your subconscious mind and your wiser self will guide you to what is important for you to explore.
  • 3rd Step:3rd Step: The Past Life Regression Session

    The session usually takes 3 hrs. I can answer any questions that you from your last session and you’ll be able to share any insights. You’ll again make yourself comfortable and you’ll be guided again into hypnosis. Your subconscious will lead you into a past life that is related to what you would like to explore and relevant for you at this time. After the end of that life and crossing over you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your spirit guide and with their help, review the life just lived and receive important insights related to your current life. Therapeutic resolutions may be used to resolve the residue that is affecting your current life so that you can move forward with understanding and ease. *Recordings of your sessions are included. Although you will recall most of the past life session some people don’t recall certain details. It’s wonderful to be able to listen to the wise, loving words that come forth and having recordings of your sessions are invaluable.

Are you ready to open the door
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Kind words from some of my lovely clients

I have experienced two past life regressions facilitated by Elisa Shine. Like many people I suspect, I thought maybe it won't work for me. I was very wrong. Both sessions were very potent. I was taken back to two different lifetimes that seem very relevant for the life path I'm on now. The first one went to a time in history I wasn't aware of. I went home and researched it and discovered indeed such events did take place. The continuation of the theme in this lifetime is obvious. The second one also took me back to another time in history that I was also only vaguely aware of from classical studies. This lifetime showed a soul loss that very much matches another strong theme in my life today. In case I had any doubt, another client of Elisa's described the exact same event...down to the details of clothing, from the male perspective. Both regressions have supported me in knowing that my focus in this life is meaningful and not accidental. The soul retrieval aspect has helped me to be stronger and more at ease with my work here in this current lifetime...the gifts keep unfolding. I recommend Elisa as your steady, compassionate, and safe guide if you are curious about your path and where you've been.

LJ Douglas, British Columbia Canada

The combination of skill, care and Integrity Elisa Shine brings to her work is extraordinary. She helped me release & bear sacred witness to deep grief from an ancient past life that was deeply affecting my current life. Elisa is masterful at holding the delicate balance between compassionate responding and skillful holding, creating a beautiful container that allowed me to do my own work and deeply benefit from her skills & intuitive guiding. She was so attuned to my process, giving me space when I needed it & support when that was fitting. I felt safe, respected and in good hands throughout the entire process, which speaks volumes, as it is inherently vulnerable work. I am deeply grateful for this precious gift and highly recommend working with Elisa!

Nicole Tarasiuk, DKATI Therapist, Channel, Shamanic Arts Practitioner Nelson BC

I had no idea what to expect when I booked my appointment with Elisa but knew intuitively that she has the wisdom and knowledge to guide me through my authentic journey of healing. The experience with Elisa's hypnotherapy allowed me to look deeper into my higher self by being held in a safe and professional way. Her kind and compassionate heart wove a golden thread through the past, present and future with the delicate skills of hypnotherapy. I highly recommend this modality with Elisa to people who are willing to see the unknown, connect and heal to reach their higher self. Thanks so much Elisa for your presence and care.

Leni Neumeier , TCM.P, L.AC, British Columbia

Elisa guided me through a past life regression. I felt totally comfortable and cared for. The session has helped me make so much sense of things in this current life. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Laura, B.Ed; MA, British Columbia