Services & Rates

Free Hypnotherapy Consultation:
15 minutes

Free phone consultation to get information, ask me questions and see if hypnotherapy is right for you.



 Clinical Hypnotherapy Session 

1.5 hrs. $130 

Using Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

I’ll guide you into hypnosis, assisting you to expand your level of consciousness and discover what is blocking and holding you back in your life from your desired goal. Allowing you to understand and clear limiting beliefs from past experiences in your current life and bridging the gap between mind, body and spirit.

Sessions can include Parts Hypnotherapy, Age Regression Therapy, Gestalt, Timeline Therapy and Transpersonal Release Techniques. 

Is it time to make some long-awaited changes in your life?

Past Life Regression

Are you curious about your past lives? Do you have fears or reoccurring dreams that don't make sense, or maybe patterns or relationships that you would like some understanding about? A Past Life Regression session can allow you to explore past lives, and gain understanding of your current life situations or patterns.

Offered in person or virtually (online). Book a free phone consultation to discuss and ask questions. I am very happy to talk to you in more detail about this wonderful process of exploration, a missing link that can help you understand and move into your beautiful potential in the current life. 

1st session:
1.5 hrs. $110 CDN

If this is your first-time experiencing a past life regression with me you will need to book this initial regression session first to connect you with positive, empowering resources and resolve any blocks that may arise. This 1st session will help you become comfortable with the hypnotherapy process and prepare you for the past life regression.

2nd session:
3 hrs. $260 CDN

A complete Past Life Regression to explore one or more past lives to gain insights about skills, relationships, purpose, and patterns in this life. Experience soul wisdom and loving support from wise beings in the higher realms. Therapeutic hypnotherapy techniques may be used to release emotional residue and karmic imprints.

* A recording and written transcript of your past life regression session is included.

Life Between Lives (LBL)
$480 CDN

Life Between Lives is a deep hypnotic regression where one experiences a highly expanded state of consciousness and is able to access the place that the soul goes to in between lifetimes. This technique was pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton. It is a transformative experience that allows one to connect with guides, soul mates, council of elders, understand soul lessons and more.. This connection with the afterlife allows one continue the rest of their current life with renewed purpose, courage, and awareness. Life Between Lives Regression reminds us that we are spiritual beings in human form. Note that A Past Life Regression is a prerequisite for an LBL.